Video Production Process

Video Production Process

BLUF: Making videos is FUN but can get FUNKED up if a tight process isn't followed. 

Video production is a pretty complex process that involves multiple stages, each of which is crucial to the final product. Whether you are creating a short film, a promotional video, or a tutorial, following these stages can help ensure a successful production. 

In this blog, we will explore the six stages of video production.


Every good video starts here where a broad concept is developed and a purpose or objective of the production is made.  Some examples of a purpose might be to entertain, to inform, to inspire, to sell a product or service or to train.


Pre-production is the planning stage of video production. This stage involves brainstorming ideas, creating a script, developing a storyboard, scouting locations, casting actors, and assembling the production team. During this stage, you need to define your project's purpose, target audience, and message to ensure that your video aligns with your goals. Pre-production is the foundation of the video production process and sets the tone for the entire project.


The production stage is where you bring your pre-production plans to life. This stage involves setting up the location, lighting, sound, camera, and equipment. Depending on the type of video, you may also need to direct actors, conduct interviews, or capture b-roll footage. This is the stage where you capture the footage that will be used in the final product.


Post-production is where the magic happens. This stage involves editing the footage, adding special effects, color grading, and sound design. You will also need to add music and any voiceovers or narration. Post-production is where the raw footage is transformed into a polished video that is ready to be shared with the world.


Once the video is complete, it's time to distribute it. This stage involves selecting the appropriate platforms to share your video, such as YouTube, Vimeo, or social media. You also need to consider how to optimize your video for search engines and ensure that it reaches your target audience. The distribution stage is crucial to ensure that your video reaches as many people as possible and achieves its intended purpose.  

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The final stage is evaluation, where you assess the success of your video production. This stage involves measuring the engagement, views, and other metrics to determine if your video achieved its goals. You can also use feedback from viewers to identify areas for improvement in future video productions.

Video production is a complex process that requires careful planning, execution, and evaluation. By following these five stages of video production, you can create a video that effectively communicates your message and achieves its intended purpose.


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